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Nylon LONG & WIDE BOTTLE BRUSH WASHER: 16 extra long brush + 2.5 diameter easily washes the inside of beer, wine, kombucha, carafes, decanter, stainless, Swell, Nalgene and other brewing or wide bottles. 8 BRUSH HEAD: Big and wide brush cleaning head with long handle to wash bottles in one go. Flexible and long for hard to reach places. THIN to FIT SMALL MOUTH: Brush is thin to fit all above 0.6 narrow neck beer, wine bottles, growlers and many hummingbird feeder openings. EASY TO HOLD AND USE: Not a cheap wire handle like other products. Firm and sturdy handle to make the job easier. WORKS FOR: glass jars, vases, tea pots, canteens, tumblers, plastic bottles, water bottles, thermos, EZ Cap bottles, pitchers, carafes, sauce jar, sodastream


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